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The Old Lyme Republican Town Committee (RTC) is a group of your friends and neighbors who have been elected by registered Republicans in Old Lyme. Members serve for a term of two years. Election to the RTC occurs every two years in January following the November municipal elections.

It is our mandate to seek, find and help elect qualified candidates who espouse our principals of conservative fiscal management, individual freedoms, and personal responsibility. In addition, we actively seek out and support candidates to fill appointments on the many Boards and Commissions that serve our local community.

It is also our responsibility to endorse, support and assist Republican candidates running for statewide and federal offices. We do this by working with the National Republican Party and the state GOP in various capacities including publicity, out-reach events and socials, get-out the vote (GOTV) and fundraising here in Old Lyme and among neighboring Town Committees that are part of our State Assembly District (23rd), our State Senate District (20th) and our US Congressional District (CD-2).

The RTC meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Memorial Town Hall. If you are interested in taking a more active part in local politics or would just like to help insure the best government possible for our own town, we invite you to attend a meeting. That is really the best way to meet and to learn "about us".

THE 2016 – 2018 

Dave Kelsey Chairman
Chris Carter Vice Chairman
Wayne Buchanan Secretary
Tim Griswold Treasurer


John Bysko David Griswold  Dan Montano 
Wayne Buchanan Mark Griswold  Ritz Nichele 
Chris Carter Tim Griswold  Marilyn Ossman 
Cathy Carter Kirk Hoerauf  Frank Pappalardo 
Steve Cinami Cliff Johnson  Anne-Bingham Pierson
Rod Clingman Dave Kelsey  Harry Plaut
Eileen Coffee Chris Kerr Andy Russell
Erick Cushman Vicki Lanier Peg Serapilia
Margaret Jane DeRisio Judy McQuade Steve Spooner
Pat DiPinto Jacqui Miano Judy Tooker
Dave Evers Mike Miller  Stacy Winchell