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READ – KERR FOR OLD LYME               

New Leadership with Experience.                                    



Old Lyme, CT - Judith (Jude) Danenhower Read announced her candidacy for the First Selectwoman of Old Lyme, and also revealed her running mate, Chris Kerr.  Read said, “I am happy to announce that I will be on the ballot in November for the position of First Selectwoman, along with Chris Kerr for Selectman for the Town of Old Lyme.  Old Lyme needs a new, effective and experienced management/leadership team to run our community with Town priorities that reflect our entire community, and we are that team.  We have a number of important Town issues, including wastewater management and town policing, that I believe Chris and I can address very effectively.”

Mr. Kerr added, “I am proud to be running with Jude to bring our common-sense approach to the management of our town.  We served together on the Board of Finance, and we know and respect each others abilities.  We are committed to a renewed fiscal discipline and the careful planning required to ensure the town’s success in delivering excellent resident services and in completing town projects on time and on budget.”

Ms. Read and Mr. Kerr bring 40-plus years of small business experience, and each has a long history of public service and community service.  Ms. Read has lived in town for 33 years, and has been involved in financial management and accounting services for over 30 years.  She has served on the Board of Finance, the Board of Education, and is on the boards of the McCurdy Salisbury Education Foundation and the Old Lyme Historical Society.  Both of her kids went through the excellent Lyme/Old Lyme public school system.

Mr. Kerr is a life-long resident of Old Lyme, serving for many years on the Board of Finance and the Planning Commission.  He has been active in the Old Lyme Fire Department for 34 years, and oversaw the completion of two major town capital projects, the construction of the town salt shed and the replacement of the town garage.  Chris is a small business owner, including real estate appraisal work and construction contracting.