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The Committee sponsors or promotes events that support our goals and are beneficial to the community at large. All are welcome to participate in our socials, fund-raisers, and our public service events.  We strongly encourage voters to attend these events which provide settings to consider our message.

Our primary event for the RTC hosts its Annual Picnic, typically in early September. Please re-visit our site in May/June 2019 as we establish this year's date!

This is a municipal election year, so please remember voting Tuesday, November 5th 2019 from 6a - 8p at the Cross Lane Firehouse.

In addition, our 2019 schedule of regular meetings is as follows:

Tuesday, February 5th 7:30p

Tuesday, March 5th 7:30p

Tuesday, April 2nd 7:30p

Tuesday, May 7th 7:30p

Tuesday, June 4th 7:30p

Tuesday, July 2nd 7:30p

Tuesday, August 6th 7:30p

Tuesday, September 3rd 7:30p

Tuesday, October 1st 7:30p

Tuesday November 12th 7:30p

Tuesday, December 3rd 7:30p